Palm Beach Games is a small game development studio, founded in December 2011, with the mission to develop unique and entertaining standalone video games that you'll never find anywhere else.


Early history

Palm Beach Games was founded in December 2011 under the name "FR Modifications", a first-responders oriented modification website and forum for the game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas." It was initially founded to be home of the modification "San Andreas Police Department: First Response" (SAPD:FR), a police simulation modification. FRModifications had come to have more than 100,000 member registrants and had been one of the largest modification websites for "San Andreas" around.

After that

During 2014, it was decided that "San Andreas" modding would be phased out, and replaced with standalone game development. FR Modifications, or FRMods as it was commonly called, was rebuilt into "PalmBeachGames" during this time, a software and game development company rather than a modding site.



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Awards & Recognition

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