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Modern Law Development Recap
May 29 2017  We've done quite a lot in the past week. Today we'll be showing you some new content you can expect to see in Modern Law.

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Vehicle Manager Feature
May 05 2016  Modern Law customization goes beyond typical customization abilities. Players are also given the opportunity to customize their vehicles to suit their individual taste, selecting from a range of vehicles and vehicle components through the Vehicle Manager of Modern Law.

Today, we will explain the Vehicle Manager feature of Modern Law and why Modern Law players will love it.

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Gamertags Corrections
Mar 02 2016  Gamertags will be corrected to use PBG IDs versus our previous method - defining your gamertag as you would your PBG ID.

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End-of-Life for SAPD:FR Online
Dec 12 2016  The PBGN has been set to begin refusing connections to SAPD:FR Online servers. It reached its end-of-life.

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