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SAPDFR API Calls Limited

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SAPDFR Online continues to grow in both servers registered and server users. Unfortunately due to these servers & games being 3rd party, not managed by PBG, we'll start limiting API calls to better support our future products.

Pricing plans to expand your API quota, for the maintenance of PBGN (Palm Beach Games Network) will be available.
By December 1st, 2015 we'll enable API quotas which will limit your server's API calls. You can view our prices and plans below which will be available for purchase in December.

50/MO Limit

With billing details submitted such as contact number, first name, and last name to verify your account.
300/MO Limit

1,000/MO Limit
$1.99 per connection if passed quota

5,000/MO Limit

Firstly we would like to remind everyone that this information is private, Palm Beach Games does not share this information with 3rd party sites and information is also limited to specified staff members. The acquired contact information will be used to verify account ownership, address server owners, and future support notifications if applicable. For a limit lift you're required to submit the following information:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number


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