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Palm Beach Games is now accepting proposal applications for potential business partnerships. Partnerships are an excellent way to collaborate, network, and share audiences. Partnerships proposals are being accepted for teams and companies working on technical services, private software and game development, and network services.

Palm Beach Games believes in one motto when it comes to forming partnerships, "Let’s work together, think together, and act together."
Palm Beach Games strongly believes partnerships are critical role to the success of companies.

You can visit our partner page here for more information.

You can also apply for a partnership here.


To apply, you and your team or company must meet these basic requirements:
  • You must be the head representative of the company or established project team or be approved by such a representative.
  • You must be willing to agree to a partnership agreement.
  • You must be submitting a mutually beneficial partnership proposal.
  • You must represent a company or established project team. (click here if you're alone)
  • The following do not count as companies or established teams and will be turned down:
  • General gamer forums.
  • Specific gamer forums not dedicated to us, our affiliates, or independent/self-work.
  • Sites or teams devoted to unauthorized reverse engineering.


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