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SAPDFR Online v1.1 Update

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Fight fires and rescue the victim, respond to heart attacks, and use the inventory as intended in SAPDFR Online v1.1.

Step outside law enforcement and join the ranks of the SAFD. Respond to vehicle fires, automobile accidents, heart attacks and more with more coming. SAPDFR Online version 1.0 has received bug patches, one of which that prevents players from equipping an item they previously used.

You can join SAPDFR Online whenever, it's free! Go to http://7p.palmbeachgames.com/and click "Join". You must have MTA installed as well as GTA San Andreas in different folders.

If you own a SAPDFR Online license, you must make a special request to obtain these calls. The call pack for version 1.1 was requested by one of PalmBeachGames' clients.
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This is amazing! Thank you!

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Thank you.

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