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End-of-Life for SAPD:FR Online

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The PBGN has been set to begin refusing connections to SAPD:FR Online servers. It reached its end-of-life.
While Palm Beach Games ceased all Grand Theft Auto operations on June 30, 2015, SAPD:FR Online was granted allowance to remain dependent on the Palm Beach Games Network (PBGN) without support. This dependent allowance was granted through December of 2015, and we extended it further because of user demand.

In September, 2016, the PBGN began refusing connections to SAPD:FR Online servers. Anyone currently with an SAPD:FR Online sever should decommission them.

Players may be directed to this unaffiliated third-party, who now run a revamped version of SAPD:FR Online, without a reliance on the PBGN*.

This final transition will allow us to dedicate the PBGN to Modern Law and other future content. Stay tuned to Palm Beach Games as Modern Law development continues to progress.

* Please note that Palm Beach Games does not endorse or support this third-party in any way.


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