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End-of-Life for SAPD:FR Online

Sep 08 2016 10:15 PM | PalmBeachGames in Misc

The PBGN has been set to begin refusing connections to SAPD:FR Online servers. It reached its end-of-life.

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Cease of GTA Services

Jun 01 2015 09:50 PM | PalmBeachGames in Misc

Palm Beach Games will be ceasing all Grand Theft Auto operations on June 30, including SAPD:RR and SAPD:FR Online. This will allow us to focus on Modern Law, our standalone police RPG.

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SAPDFR Online v1.1 Update

May 27 2015 09:53 PM | PalmBeachGames in Misc

Fight fires and rescue the victim, respond to heart attacks, and use the inventory as intended in SAPDFR Online v1.1.

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SAPDFR Online v1.1

May 25 2015 01:26 AM | PalmBeachGames in Misc

SAPDFR Online version 1.0 has some issues that our users pointed out and we're working to resolve it.

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