Our Hiring Process

We look for people who are enthused about what they do, who share the same passion as us for video games, who's willing to accept a challenge and learn new techniques. We offer different employment types and a flexible schedule for convienence.

The hiring process usually involves a conversation with a human resource agent, followed by a phone, skype or video interview. We encourage applicants and team members to be themselves, expressing their personality and creative thoughts, that stays within the boundaries of a professional environment.

What we look for

Again; we're looking for people who can express their inner thoughts and personality, who's willing to put forth the effort and accept challenges that PBG has to offer and someone with a fairly flexible schedule.

Skilled Individuals

We want individuals who know how to do what they do really well - and to enjoy it.

Leadership Capabilities

We'd like to see individuals who can take the initiative to make progress with little to no help.

Will To Learn

Aside from contract and other employment types, we offer internships and hands on training with development.

How we decide

Human Resources

Our Human Resources agents will review your application, resumes and coverletters. They'll attempt to reach out to you to get some things scheduled such as tests, interviews and documents. These agents will also attempt to see where you're best fit at within Palm Beach Games.

Action Assessment

Assessment agents will review any decisions made by our Human Resource agents to assure a fair application process. They'll also run any background checks if necessary and attempt to call or email you regarding any accidental mess-ups.

What if I don't qualify?

Not qualifying for a position doesn't completely ruin your chances working with Palm Beach Games, it's the applicants decision to take a chance in our internship. Click to learn more about Palm Beach Games' internship.