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Modern Law

With crime rates rising in various neighborhoods and the department losing its officers to neighboring cities, the city must devise a strategy to counter criminal activity in a vigorous and determined attempt to restore comfort, lower crime rates and make Dallas secure again.

As academy graduates stand and swear an oath, one amongst many believes he has the capabilities of turning the city around. Determined and driven, officers risk everything in a series of dauntless and life-threatening responsibilities that could restore the city's potential.

The only of its kind - Palm Beach Games combines law enforcement and gameplay, in ways no other has, as players engage in a realistic yet action packed experience; ranging from decisive gun battles to vehicle pursuits in efforts to crack down on rising crime rates.

Developed by Palm Beach Games, Modern Law will be available for PC, PC/Online, Mac OS X, Playstation 4, Xbox One.
Modern Law

Modern Law

Single & Multiplayer

Action-Adventure, Role-Playing Game

PC, PC/Online, Mac OS X, Playstation 4, Xbox One

Release Date
To Be Announced

ESRB Rating
Rating Pending

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how do i download it

it was on the market but their market is closed at the moment

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Why i can't loggin in modern law vehicle manager? It keep saying that the password or nickname is wrong

In the case that you can't login, please create a support ticket and a PBG Agent will help you.

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Is there any updates, on how the progress is going? I haven't heard or seen anything for a few months now.



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