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Understanding why Modern Law accepts donations is crucial to understanding the entire perspective of our development. Developing a game is expensive, it requires man-power, assets, sound, animations and many, many other fees. Making a game to us has always been a dream come true, coming from a modding background our roots within the police community goes back a long way and we believe that we have the passion and the drive to revolutionize the Police RPG Genre. Modern Law is that revolution and that dream come true.

Without your help in support, we won’t ever be able to finish this game which we consider a piece of art. It takes time and effort to perfect and with very limited resources this process is still far from near a useable state.

We don’t necessarily take pride in taking donations as it makes us seem weak and we try our very best to avoid having to be in such a situation. However, reality is very different and making a game so ambitious is much more of a challenge when the funds just aren’t there. Now that isn’t to say we won’t finish the game it just means it will take that much longer to do. With the necessary funding we can speed up development and bring the content even quicker.

Every bit helps, whether it’s kind word of support, feedback on our work or a few cents in what you might spare, you are actively helping Modern Law become a reality and any donations you might throw has their own rewards for you so that you don’t feel left with nothing.

Sincere thank you, for your support, understanding or donation to the cause.

With crime rates rising in various neighborhoods and the department losing its officers to neighboring cities, the city must devise a strategy to counter criminal activity in a vigorous and determined attempt to restore comfort, lower crime rates and make Dallas secure again.

As academy graduates stand and swear an oath, one amongst many believes he has the capabilities of turning the city around. Determined and driven, officers risk everything in a series of dauntless and life-threatening responsibilities that could restore the city's potential.

The only of its kind - Palm Beach Games combines law enforcement and gameplay, in ways no other has, as players engage in a realistic yet action packed experience; ranging from decisive gun battles to vehicle pursuits in efforts to crack down on rising crime rates.

Modern Law has always been our dream and it is what we vision to revolutionize the genre, we want to show that no matter how small of a team you are, with the right support, mindset and passion you can create even the most ambitious of things.

Modern Law being a full fleshed and finished game is our Goal, we want this game to shine and give off a sense of understanding of what officers go through every day so that we can be safe at night. We have great respect for all the men and women serving for the citizens of their country.

Modern Law is a team effort, it relies on our developers, testers, legal team and so many more to work efficiently. Modern Law also heavily depends on the support from you guys and without it, Modern Law is not going to as morally boosted as we want it to be.

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