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Modern Law Development Recap

Published Nov 18 2016 12:05 PM.

We've done quite a lot in the past week. Today we'll be showing you some new content you can expect to see in Modern Law.


End-of-Life for SAPD:FR Online

Published Sep 08 2016 10:15 PM.

The PBGN has been set to begin refusing connections to SAPD:FR Online servers. It reached its end-of-life.


Vehicle Manager Feature

Published Apr 24 2016 08:00 PM.

Modern Law customization goes beyond typical customization abilities. Players are also given the opportunity to customize their vehicles to suit their individual taste, selecting from a range of vehicles and vehicle components through the Vehicle Manager of Modern Law.

Today, we will explain the Vehicle Manager feature of Modern Law and why Modern Law players will love it.


Partner With Us Today!

Published Feb 21 2016 02:48 PM.

Palm Beach Games is now accepting proposal applications for potential business partnerships. Partnerships are an excellent way to collaborate, network, and share audiences. Partnerships proposals are being accepted for teams and companies working on technical services, private software and game development, and network services.


Modern Law Website Launched

Published Jan 03 2016 01:09 PM.

Check out the Modern Law website, for everything about the Modern Law Game. From updates to our preorder goal, you'll find it all. The site is located at: ModernLawGame.com.



Modern Law


Below you'll see Modern Law's ALPR technology for the Crown Vector squad car. Placing the ALPR cameras on the vehicle is the responsibility of the driver during vehicle tweaking, where players can...
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27 Oct 2016
Looks incredible.
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08 Jan 2019
This is fantastic! I just found this game and honestly thought this was just another generic "police" game that would never release... This kind of gives me hope!You should try out our Vehi...
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06 Nov 2016
If there is a way I would appreciate emailing me    Is there a beta and if there is how can I join   As of now there is no beta scheduled for Modern Law. You can expect to he...
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07 Dec 2017
Is there a beta and if there is how can I join If there is a way I would appreciate emailing me 
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24 Sep 2017
Is there a beta and if there is how can I join  
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24 Sep 2017