Modern Law

Vehicle Manager Feature

Published Apr 24 2016 08:00 PM.

Modern Law customization goes beyond typical customization abilities. Players are also given the opportunity to customize their vehicles to suit their individual taste, selecting from a range of vehicles and vehicle components through the Vehicle Manager of Modern Law.

Today, we will explain the Vehicle Manager feature of Modern Law and why Modern Law players will love it.


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Published Feb 21 2016 02:48 PM.

Palm Beach Games is now accepting proposal applications for potential business partnerships. Partnerships are an excellent way to collaborate, network, and share audiences. Partnerships proposals are being accepted for teams and companies working on technical services, private software and game development, and network services.

Hi there,   I understand that userdata saving was removed in V125, but I'd like to bring it back. To do so, I've read up on this thread:   https://www.palmbeac...erdata-in-v125/   Wh...
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16 Aug 2016
 Palm Beach Games does not offer support for this content. Contact server owners for guidance.
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27 Jul 2016
See here: https://www.palmbeac...sked-questions/
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18 Jul 2016
This is not MTA, and Palm Beach Games no longer offers any support for MTA. This is actually a demo of one of the features on our upcoming standalone game- Modern Law. Modern Law is being developed...
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19 Jul 2016
Hey guys, i really dont know anything about this thing your talking about. i came here after seeing your sapdfr online post in the MTA forums. is this a server in MTA. if so can i play on it?
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19 Jul 2016
The game is very cool. But on my pc it work very bad and i can't go to settings, idk why. Hi MaXKillS, We are very glad that you are interested in Modern Law!  Sadly Modern Law is a game d...
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01 May 2016